with Elliott SHARP
chansons du crépuscule


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AUBE (2020)

Label zOaR Record

Aube by Chansons du Crépuscule, the duo of Hélène Breschand and Elliott Sharp.

"Stuck in Paris traffic in the pouring rain on the way to a gig in Pigalle, inspiration struck (though who the victim was remained uncertain). As they took a breath in the cold night air waiting to begin a Stromraum concert, dawn broke with the full moon rising through the trees and revealing that there would be a new album from Chansons du Crepuscule. Sounds were generated and words coined, files were sent and received, mixes were mixed. Once again, there was inspiration from the legacy of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg filtered through other pataphysical flotsam and jetsam of the 20th century and into the 21st to create a mashup of piquant sounds, neurotica, erotica, noise, grooves, virtuosity, crudity, and the spirit of play.” Francerocks

Recorded in Paris and NYC and mixed in NYC during the summer of covid 2020.

Dix nouvelles chansons du crépuscule proposées par le duo Hélène Breschand – Elliott Sharp. Dix chansons qui osent la métamorphose, l’anamorphose. Dix chansons qui suintent l’intranquille, les mouvements contraires. Dix chansons qui se brisent, qui se courbent. Dix chansons et la voix sirène d’Hélène. Dix chansons et la guitare d’Elliott # (saturante, rockisante, flamenca, texane, orientale). Dix chansons et une harpe joyeuse. Dix chansons pour quitter le rivage.
Luc Bouquet dans Jazzin

with Elliott Sharp, first record as Chansons du Crépuscule

Label Public Eyesore

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“In Chansons Du Crepuscule, the French multi-genre vocalist, harpist, composer and improvisor Hélène Breschand hooks up with the multi-genre New York guitarist Elliott Sharp to yield spell-binding music of the first order. This fascinating collaboration crosses musical genres as easily as a nuthatch jumps from a birch tree to a cedar and then to a hickory. But since jazz has elements of all music embedded within its frame work, it's not a significant leap to suggest that Chansons Du Crepuscule falls within the broader outlines of the category.
There's a radical sense of play in this music. Breschand's French poetry and vocal expression perfectly accompanies the experimental elements of Sharp's guitar work.
This music is that good. Highly recommended.”
All about Jazz, By DON PHIPPS

“This is one of the more unique albums we've heard thus far on the always-intriguing Public Eyesore label. Breschand and Sharp operate in a purely creative universe where there are no boundaries and no limits. The vocals on this one are particularly unusual and hypnotic. Eleven puzzling cuts here including "Extase," "Ne Lui Dis Rien," "The Cuckoo," and "Nouveau Monde." Truly captivating music from a different universe. Top pick.”

More on Elliott Sharp : http://www.elliottsharp.com/