Collaborations with Caecilia TRIPP

Score for Migrating Notes

Below at Silencio, Paris (FR)

with :
Michèle Lamy - perfomer
Kerwin Rolland – Drones, sonic architecture 
Robert AA Lowe – voice, synthesizer 

Scoring the Black Hole 

Created by Caecilia Tripp for her personal exhibition at CREDAC (Paris) the performance piece Scoring the Black Hole is “a celebration of our invisible bonds through a choreography whose score is drawn on a black canvas, as a cosmic musical composition of our irreversible echoes unbound”.

The performance is the result of a collaborative work between Hélène Breschand (improvised harp), Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (impovised analog synths and vocals), Michèle Lamy (performer), Jackie Cross and Laurence Sabas-Richard (skaters), Rick Owens (designer), and Kerwin Rolland (improvised synths, live microphones transformation, and sound architecture) overseen by Caecilia Tripp.

After the performance, its traces / documentation remains in the venue as an installation.

With the support of Lafayette Anticipations and CREDAC.

Videos of the Paris performance on Lafayette Anticipation's website at